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How long does the approval of the Agent Contract?

It takes one working day usually.

Are there agent activities coordination around the world?

No, agents can operate around the Globe. However, ORGSU will not accept more agents from country/region than will be appropriate.

I am confused about the dates. 8/06/2016 is June or August? How does it works?

ORGSU does not displays dates itself. it is the matter of your computer / internet browser settings.

Is it enough to change values, e.g. check-box? Is it necessary to press "SAVE" on the bottom of the page?

You must press "SAVE", system checks all consitensy of all data entered into the page.

Could you explain what the order statuses mean?

Order Statuses

It is created when the user inserts the goods into the basket

In the first step of the payment transaction, the user clicks on "Confirm Order"

Waiting for payment
The state where the user chooses a payment gateway, but the system does not yet know how the payment went off. This status remains when the payment fails. Payments remain in this state when the "wire transfer payment"

The situation when the payment gateway confirms the payment. Subsequently, it is immediately moved to the Ready state (goods / service is ready for dispatch) or to the Ready (this status occurs with electronic goods and / or startup)

It is set automatically after payment and means that the goods can be dispatched.
A completed order gets this status automatically for electronic goods (license and / or start-up fee)

The order is canceled by the eshop manager (event organiser) or it can be canceled automatically after a certain period (eg with transfer payment)




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